Modprobe is not dead

Well, almost. The pulse is very low, members have spread away, it’s been years without posts.
But the spirit survived:

Enjoy the time that you cannot buy.

I had to change the hosting, so this post is here just to remind us that Modprobe is a great thing.
It still allows me to load a “time.o” module, and wakes up good memories.

wordpress theme updated

The former theme was a bit buggy so I updated it to this new darker version of zBench.
As an exception comments are turned on on this post. Feel free to be the troll of your dreams.

There is some other minor update :
– has it’s own domain name now (not subdomain)
– database is clean
– It runs on VAX-11 and I rewrite the CMS in C# o_O

It’s a promise, next post will be interesting.

PS: check it on your smartphone.

Homesense day #5 – perfusion II the return

David and me dropped by Darja’s place today to contemplate her work on the perfusion project.
And yeah!, they (Darja and her boyfriend) made a nice construction. It works like a charm except that the sensor is missing ! The pump is silent, and a little bit too powerful.
Well we’ve been very busy all of us theses weeks.

Dear reader, have a look at these modest pictures. That’s all we have today.
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Homesense day #4.5 – perfusion

We decided to meet again at the lab, and this time we wanted to make it work! (sort of).
We chose to work on the project perfusion, the first project.

Project 1, Perfusion
Automatic watering for the poor plant. Maybe only mechanically.
Darja is very busy and sometimes she can’t water her plant for days. This is a project to keep the plant in a better shape.

I built a little circuit for a relay on the “high voltage” alternate power from the wall plug (230v).
The purpose of this relay is to switch on and off a pump to water the plant.
The circuit is made so that it fits the arduino shield provided with the homesense kit.
Darja can simply set the output digital pin to switch it.
For the time being, Darja will write a piece of code to turn on the pump a certain number of times everyday.
During our next session, I will build a moisture sensor that will water the plant only when it needs it.

Homesense day #4 Failure!

Darja dropped by the lab this time.
I worked on the led matrix and it was almost blinking…

So we decided, all together, that it’s not a good project. And we abandoned it, at least for the moment.

The reasons are the following :
– The matrix isn’t sold anymore
– It’s a lot of code and Darja isn’t very experienced in programming
– It’s a lot of wires for a little home
– It fulfills the fourth rule of the cult of done manifesto

That was too big for us

wheel wheel wheel, aluminium

Well, I made a replacement in aluminium for the acrylic idle wheel of my makerbot.
After breaking two acrylic wheel, I decided to change the last “weak” part (cross finger).
I don’t have easy access to a lathe or CNC (for the moment, cross finger), so I decided to re-use my punk skills on doing hardware.
Actually, it worked pretty well.

1. draw two circles that correspond to this thing on a 5mm aluminium plate
2. drill the center with the biggest drill you have (12mm in my case)
3. use a half round ring file to expend the ring to your drawing (a Dremel to speed up)
4. cut the external ring using a jigsaw, goggles and safety gloves
5. reduce the external ring using a sand paper/grinder ribbon
6. paste the ball bearing in you piece of aluminium using a good glue (loctite)
7. insert a long M8 screw in the ball bearing and make is turn on the sand paper ribbon with an angle of 45°. After few turns, the piece should be round enough and well centered.

Punk’s not dead.

a tall bike

Paul drop by the workshop with two bikes, to solder them together in one bike.
He did it very fast and the result is really funny.
I loved seeing someone so interested by getting a result, doing fast and experiencing its accomplishment right away.
Some work still is required, but yeah, it’s already ridable !

Now I want mine.