Homesense day #4.5 – perfusion

We decided to meet again at the lab, and this time we wanted to make it work! (sort of).
We chose to work on the project perfusion, the first project.

Project 1, Perfusion
Automatic watering for the poor plant. Maybe only mechanically.
Darja is very busy and sometimes she can’t water her plant for days. This is a project to keep the plant in a better shape.

I built a little circuit for a relay on the “high voltage” alternate power from the wall plug (230v).
The purpose of this relay is to switch on and off a pump to water the plant.
The circuit is made so that it fits the arduino shield provided with the homesense kit.
Darja can simply set the output digital pin to switch it.
For the time being, Darja will write a piece of code to turn on the pump a certain number of times everyday.
During our next session, I will build a moisture sensor that will water the plant only when it needs it.