a spoon to feed, two prototypes

For Ida.

Well, this project seemed to be so easy, but it so wasn’t.
The description is the following : “Before dying I had to make an apparel able to transmit touch or pressure sensation through the distance.”
The purpose of such an apparel is obvious, trying to reduce body distance and allowing hand collision in spite of kilometers.
There are some kind of relationships who need more than the spiritual belief of “we keep in touch” when contact isn’t possible.

So why the spoon ?
The symbolic of the spoon used to feed is strong. No need to define what sort of emotions have been transmitted through our first spoon of food. No need to express the feelings we had towards those who used to feed our mouth. We all have a different kinds, but probably strong for everyone.

Feeding is the responsible act for keeping alive.
(Alimenter est l’act responsable de maintenir en vie)

The spoon is a cold iron tool. With at least one curve and a nest for something liquid, difficult to keep by definition. It’s an agile shape for our clumsy hands, and it does the job.
Spoon by its shape, size and material is also an erotic object. Not to feed we agree, fork is more romantic, but for imagination.
As I was born in a protestant city, I’ll let you figure out what you can do and how to play around with a spoon. Some people could be shocked, and It’s really not my kind, oh no !
(the truth : I keep alive the dream and wait patiently for a receptive body, no need to spread desire if I release the code and plans, no?)

Somehow, the spoon is for food what this prototype is for the relationship, an artifact of love.
A new tool to feed the relationship.

Code and electronic will come later.
Right now, what matters is : Arduino, modified servo, spoon, capacitive meter.