Party for the new lab & multitouch table

On the 19th of February 2009 we had a party to celebrate the new arrangement of our offices.

At the end of november 08, I ordered new desks at my father’s company. It seems trivial to change desks, but in our office it’s been a revolution. The idea was to bring up the lab and improve the use of space.

This is why the magnificent man call dad sent 2 guys to drill, screw and fix long pieces of wood on the walls (410cm X 90cm each).
The result is pretty nice, very useful and already paying off.

So earlier this year, in our new lab, David and me had a great time building our first project together. We were very proud of our new born, and had the honor to present it during the party.
So to say, this party became the “multitouch and toys party” while the brand new desks were reduced to their first purpose : holding the huge amount of wine bottle we brought.

A lot of people enjoyed the table and the store window turned into a multitouch screen with our homemade IR funny throwies.

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