Howto change the Roomba 560’s brush deck motor

2 years ago I bought a Roomba 560. It’s quite good at doing what I paid it for, so last month when the main brush stopped working I was really disappointed. It is hard to go back to manual vacuuming once you’ve experienced the bliss of robotic cleaning.

Anyway, I decided not to transform this robot in a other “useless” toy. Even if the desire was strong: I could program my own code pattern and art, install a camera, play with other sensors, etc.
Arg, it’s hard to neglect all the fancy robot-dreams I have in my head !

So, I found an electric motor with the same specs, RS385SH for only 2.5$. Compared to the 60$ to exchange the whole deck, without shipping fees, it’s almost free.

This motor is a little shorter so I had to shift the handle and only use one screw. The axis is also a bit long. I had to cut it to make it fit in the complication box.

The repair seems to work well even if the robot’s noise is a bit louder.
My only advice if you try to do the same is to be extra careful when extracting the motor’s cogwheel.