RECYCLING: a spoon against XDCAM Transfert

Tonight a friend came with her brand new Mac and a lot of files to import using XDCAM Transfert.
It seams that this software was made by tired developers, so we had to generate previews on every clip before importing.
Well, the real problem isn’t that you have to select the folder, but the fact that you have wait about one second for previews generation (no, there is no “group function”).

With about 3’500 folder, we would have been quickly mad.

And of course, moving all files in one folder isn’t possible, because they already are sorted.
There is probably many other (programmatic and smarter) solutions, but the punk-ier still is the funn-ier, no ?

So my solution is to recycle an old project, writing this post and going for a nice diner, while the mechanism goes by it-self…

PS: I guess it’s a good way to test keyboards…


Servo servo;

int servo_pin = 9;

void setup ()
  Serial.println ("Finished setup\n");

void loop ()
  delay (1000);